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Owning a taxi cab company or other transportation service comes with great opportunities and benefits, as well as unique risks. No matter what type of transportation service you operate, it’s essential that you protect your business, drivers, passengers, and vehicles from the everyday hazards of the road with comprehensive insurance. We know that finding the right coverage for the right price is a challenge for many business owners, which is why we provide convenient and affordable insurance quotes for all kinds of taxi, livery, limo, shuttle bus, and non-emergency medical transportation companies. Contact us today and we’ll have you operating with confidence and peace of mind in no time!

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Taxi Insurance

As a taxi cab driver or business owner, you’re probably well aware of the risks that come with the profession. Standard vehicle insurance is simply not enough to protect your business, driver, passengers, and vehicles from all these risks, which is why you need commercial insurance for taxi cabs. Choosing the right type of taxi insurance and finding a fair quote can be a daunting task. Our team is here to make the process as convenient and painless as possible, so you can focus on the road ahead.

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Livery Transportation Insurance

Livery Insurance

Livery insurance and taxi insurance are terms you may hear used interchangeably, but they aren’t one and the same. Depending on the specifics of your taxi, town car, limo, rideshare, or shuttle bus business, you may need to invest in livery insurance in order to be fully covered on the road. Figuring out exactly what type and level of coverage you need as a livery driver can get complicated quickly, so reach out to our experienced agents for a clear and detailed quote today!

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Limo Livery Insurance

Limo Insurance

Operating a limo or other luxury transportation service is an exciting profession, but it comes with its own set of specific requirements and risks. In order to be competitive and responsible in this industry, you must ensure that you protect your vehicles, drivers, passengers, and investment with comprehensive limo insurance. OTTIS offers the finest limo insurance at competitive rates to protect your business and help it succeed.

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Shuttle Bus Insurance

Shuttle bus businesses require more comprehensive insurance than other types of transportation companies due to the specific risks they face, such as carrying more passengers and cargo. Fortunately, our experts at OTTIS know exactly what type and level of insurance coverage you need in order to keep doing business with security and peace of mind. Don’t go another day without protecting yourself, your business and your customers.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies deal with unique risks and high stakes on the road each and every day. That’s why comprehensive and specialized insurance coverage is crucial for this industry. Our friendly agents can walk you through your specific insurance requirements and options to ensure your NEMT business is protected.

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Box Truck Insurance

Box Truck Insurance is essential for delivery, courier, and other businesses using box trucks. Box truck insurance is needed to fully protect your drivers, cargo, and business as a whole. Considering this line of work is some of the most accident-prone, comprehensive box truck insurance is extremely important. OTTIS offers a variety of box truck insurance options at various price points to protect your business and team.

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“I have nothing but amazing things to say about the people there! First-rate customer service!! Highly recommended! I had lots of issues, and all were easily handled, and very professionally I might add! I’m so happy I chose them as my agent!”

– Gary C. (Google Review)

“David and his staff have gone above and beyond all expectations after a traumatic issue. David has done an exceptional job as an advocate for me and the situation. His staff has always been willing to help with any and all questions and complete the task at hand. Oswald Insurance Office – gets a 5* from me. Thank you to all of you!”

– Keland (Google Review)

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