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Texas Commercial Truck Insurance

Texas Commercial Truck Insurance

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Trucking businesses in Texas are required to carry proof of commercial automobile liability insurance for each registered truck. The specific types of insurance and liability limits you need depend on the type of truck you operate, the type of cargo you haul, and other factors. Failure to comply with local regulations puts your trucking business in jeopardy, so don’t risk another day on the road without proper trucker’s insurance coverage! Talk to one of our specialized commercial truck insurance agents today to ensure you’re fully covered. With reliable insurance and our helpful agents on your side, you can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

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Commercial Truck Insurance FAQs

What Type of Commercial Truck Insurance is Required in Texas?

All vehicles in the State of Texas must comply with commercial auto liability limits, but registered semi-trucks and other motor vehicles must also adhere to the minimum liability insurance requirements established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Specific requirements vary depending on the weight of the truck and the cargo being transported. Requirements also depend on whether your trucks operate solely within the State of Texas (intrastate) or if they travel through other states (interstate).

What Does Semi Truck Insurance Cover?

In general, commercial liability insurance for trucks covers major costs such as medical bills and repair costs in the event of serious truck accidents caused by your drivers. This is the most essential type of truck insurance to ensure your compliance with local and federal regulations. Other types of truck insurance such as cargo insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, physical damage insurance, and non-trucking liability insurance can provide additional coverage and greater protection for your business.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Texas Commercial Truck Insurance?

The cost of commercial truck insurance depends on many factors, including but not limited to the number and type of trucks you operate, your claims history, and truck driver’s records, your area of operation, and the insurance policy deductible and limits you choose. More comprehensive truck insurance may cost more upfront, but it can save you money down the road. Our specialized commercial truck insurance agents can help you secure affordable rates that protect your trucking business without cutting any corners.

Why is Truckers Insurance in Texas so Important?

Operating a trucking business without proper insurance will leave your business exposed to the many risks associated with the industry. Truck accidents can be catastrophic and result in major damage, which is why it’s so essential to limit your liability with insurance. Insurance will prevent your business from going under in the event of a major accident. What’s more, failure to provide proof of commercial truck insurance can result in expensive fines and penalties. Investing in trucker’s insurance will allow you to operate your trucking business with confidence rather than fear.

Truckers Insurance Texas Testimonials

“Gina was amazing. She knew the regulations in my state better than any other agent I had talked with. I highly recommend Oswald Taxi insurance.”

– Stephen S. (5-Star Google Review)

“When we were told our insurance was going up almost 60%, we were mortified. We thought we were going out of business. Not only was Tamra able to give us a better option but she looked into our current policy and was able to give us a better rate than we were already paying. Thank you for helping us. Now we can stay open for years to come.”

– Abby C. (5-Star Google Review)

“Gina was on top of everything and she would respond right away. She was very patient and would change the coverage however we wanted. I recommend them one hundred percent. Thank you, Gina, you’re the best.”

– Mustafa W. (5-Star Google Review)

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