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Oregon Commercial Truck Insurance

Oregon Commercial Truck Insurance

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Commercial semi-truck drivers in Oregon must comply with insurance requirements set by the State of Oregon and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). Specific insurance requirements vary depending on whether your trucking business operates only within the state of Oregon or through various states. Intrastate truckers in Oregon are required to obtain different types and minimums of liability insurance, including household goods, general freight, and hazardous materials liability insurance. Interstate truck drivers have to comply with additional requirements set by the Federal government. 

Commercial trucking insurance will protect your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and business as a whole from the risks of the road. To ensure your compliance with affordable and reliable trucking insurance, talk with one of our specialized local agents today!

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Insurance on Semi Truck FAQs

What Type of Commercial Insurance is Required in Oregon?

If your trucking business is only operating within the State of Oregon (intrastate) then you need to meet these minimum liability limits: $300,000 for household goods liability insurance; $750k for general freight liability insurance; and $5,000,000 for hazardous materials liability insurance. In addition to primary liability insurance, you may require additional coverage such as non-trucking liability, bobtail, or physical damage insurance. Talk with our specialized agents to learn more.

What Does Oregon Commercial Truck Insurance Cover?

While each commercial truck insurance policy is unique, more comprehensive commercial trucking insurance often covers physical damage, auto liability, general liability, cargo insurance, non-trucking liability, non-owned trailer physical damage, non-owned trailer liability, warehouse legal, and terminal coverage. Driver injuries are not usually covered, so you may want to invest in a workers’ compensation insurance policy on top of a commercial trucking insurance policy. You may also want additional coverage to protect valuable cargo or loss of income.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Commercial Insurance?

The cost of commercial trucking insurance varies depending on many factors, including but not limited to your operating location (intrastate vs interstate), the type and value of cargo you’re hauling, the age and condition of your semi-truck(s), the experience and record of your driver(s), your company’s safety rating, and the level of coverage you choose to invest in. Even a minor speeding ticket on your driver’s record could trigger a significant increase in insurance costs. Talk to our agents about how to find and keep affordable rates!

Why Get Insurance on a Semi Truck?

First of all, semi-truck insurance is important for compliance reasons, as it’s required by law. With large trucks full of cargo on the road day in and day out, there are so many things that can go wrong on any given day. Trucking insurance will protect your business from the high cost of damages caused by accidents, thefts, and other mishaps on the road and at truck stops. As the owner of a trucking business, this investment will provide you will invaluable peace of mind and confidence in your business as a whole.

Oregon Commercial Truck Insurance Testimonials

“Gina was amazing. She knew the regulations in my state better than any other agent I had talked with. I highly recommend Oswald Taxi insurance.”

– Stephen S. (5-Star Google Review)

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