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Livery Insurance

Livery Insurance

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Taxi and livery insurance are not one and the same. Depending on the specifics of your taxi, limo, town car, shuttle bus, or rideshare business, you might need to invest in livery insurance to make sure you’re fully covered. Figuring out exactly what coverage you need to protect your vehicles, drivers, passengers, and business can be complicated. If you’re questioning whether you need livery insurance, our experienced team is here to help with guidance and affordable quotes!

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Commmon Questions About Livery Insurance

Who Needs Livery Insurance?

Livery insurance is a specific type of commercial auto insurance that covers businesses that transport people on a for-hire basis. Livery insurance requirements depend on your specific areas of business and where you live. Taxis, limos, town cars, buses, and rideshare services can all be considered livery vehicles and may need livery insurance. Livery vehicles do not include those that transport people as a courtesy, like hotel shuttles, or vehicles for hire that are driven by the customer.

What Is the Difference Between Livery Insurance and Regular Taxi Insurance?

Compared to a regular taxi service, which is typically hailed on the spot, a livery service is one where the transportation is scheduled ahead of time or adheres to a scheduled route. The distinction between taxi and livery insurance has become more complicated as rideshare platforms blur the differences between the two, so it’s important to talk to an agent about the specifics of your business.

What Is the Difference Between Livery Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance?

Livery insurance and commercial insurance are not necessarily one and the same. Commercial auto insurance is a more broad term. Generally speaking, commercial insurance will cover your vehicle if it is used for business purposes. This can range from vehicles used exclusively for business purposes, to delivery vehicles, tow-trucks, for-hire services such as limos, and more.

What Factors Determine the Price of Livery Insurance?

The cost of livery insurance will depend on many factors including the location of your business (city and state), how the vehicle will be used, your driving record, and the level of coverage you require, among others. A clean driving record will help keep your insurance premium costs low.

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