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The Top Cities in California to Be A Taxi Driver In

The Top Cities in California to Be A Taxi Driver In
March 3, 2018 OTTIS Blog
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Driving a taxi is a job that always keeps you on your toes in the best ways possible.

You never know the kind of people you’ll meet while behind the wheel. Not to mention, you come to know every inch of some beautiful cities as you take customers from place to place.

But, there are some cities where it is better to be a taxi driver than others.

Here are the top five places in California to consider taking up this profession.

1. San Francisco

There really isn’t anything quite like the San Francisco streets.

From the hustle and bustle of the business district to the beauty of the bay and the lovely architecture, the city has a little bit of everything. Not to mention, the pay is reasonable, the sights are spectacular, and the people are pretty friendly.

Enjoy adventuring all it has to offer while making about $42,00 a year – just from driving people around!

2. Santa Cruz

If city life isn’t for you, take your taxi down to Santa Cruz. This beach town sits right on the water and offers a nice escape from the busyness of San Francisco.

Driving a taxi here pays roughly $38,000, but some argue the quality of life you get in Santa Cruz is priceless. The routes are easier to manage, there is plenty to do, and the community is pretty close-knit.

3. San Jose

To get the perfect blend of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, head to San Jose.

This city lies between the two locations mentioned above. But, it is a great middle ground for more reasons than the geography.

San Jose is considered the capital of Silicon Valley. Business is booming, many visitors come and go, and the community is highly engaged with local businesses as well as important social initiatives.

The pay of a taxi driver here comes out to $41,000 annually, give or take.

4. Santa Barbara

Head a little south from northern California and you land in Santa Barbara.

This is another beach town where taxi drivers can get out of busy cities and still find a good amount of work. The pay of $36,000 reflects that.

Santa Barbara is a meeting point for many different forms of transportation.

You may have taxi riders who are just getting off a cruise ship, coming from the train station, or on their way to the airport. Others will be locals looking to get around with ease.

5. Los Angeles

Speaking of navigating a city with ease, why not help residents and tourists take on the streets of Los Angeles? This is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, and it has the traffic to show for it.

Expect to have a bit of travel time if you have to take customers cross-town.

The trick to being a taxi driver here is to get acquainted with one borough and claim it as yours. In fact, this is what most residents have tried to do to combat the ever growing population.

Protecting Yourself as a Taxi Driver

No matter which city you decide to turn your taxi light on, make sure you have the insurance to cover your back. This is crucial in the event of an accident, whether you are at fault or not.

Don’t worry though – getting taxi insurance is easier to do than you think.

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