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Your Ultimate Guide to Limousine Insurance

Your Ultimate Guide to Limousine Insurance
September 30, 2018 OTTIS Blog
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“Hey Mom, can we get a limo for prom?”

“Honey, let’s get a limo to take us to the hotel!”

“Okay, so the limo is going to take us from the wedding ceremony to the reception and then to the airport for our honeymoon.”

As a limousine business owner or driver, these are the occasions that keep you in business and thriving. The luxury services you offer are valuable to you and to your clientele. You’re a savvy business owner and know that insurance protects your investments.

It is legally necessary to have insurance, but, are you covered enough to protect your clients, business, and drivers?

Quality limousine insurance or livery insurance is vital to protect your business, investments, and clients. Folks want to feel safe and have a good time; you want to do the best you can to provide these services with zero mishaps.

But, the reality is, accidents do happen. So, it’s best to be prepared and understand how to manage accidents and damages before they occur. No one wants to see their business fail because of one accident!

Read our ultimate guide on limousine insurance so that your company can be prepared for anything!

The Ultimate Limousine Insurance Guide


1. Commercial General Liability

If a driver in your company is found to be legally liable for an accident, Commercial General Liability protects your company. If the accident resulted in bodily injury and/or property damage you will only pay the deductible on your policy. This allows your company to practice safety and accident protocols following the accident, instead of breaking the bank and/or going under.

2. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist is another form of liability coverage that protects your assets should another driver be legally at fault, but unable to pay damages due to lack of insurance or not enough insurance. Many states require that limousine company carry this type of liability coverage.

3. Personal injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection coverage provides protection if injuries occur. This insurance covers funeral costs, medical costs, and lost wages should your company be held liable. If a pedestrian is injured, this type of insurance will also cover the resulting costs regardless of who’s at fault.

4. Employment Practices Liability

We always want to hire the best drivers for our business and treat them fairly, problems can occur. If your company is accused of discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination due to a complaint then this insurance covers your business.

5. Comprehensive and Collision (Physical Damage Coverage)

Comprehensive insurance protects your limousines in the event an accident occurs without another vehicle involved. This coverage protects against natural disasters, fires, vandalism, animal damage, and theft. It also covers claims related to cracked windshields.

Collision coverage protects your company and limos in any accident regardless of legal liability. Collision protects your vehicles whereas liability protects other drivers. This protection ensures that your investment is not lost due to an accident so you can get back on the road, stat!

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