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Taxi Insurance in Kentucky

Taxi Insurance in Kentucky

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Professional and Affordable Taxi Insurance in Kentucky

Taxi insurance requirements vary from state to state and depend on the specifics of your transportation business, so determining the exact types and levels of coverage you need can get confusing. All drivers in Kentucky are required to carry minimum liability coverage, but for-hire transportation businesses need more comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their drivers, passengers, and vehicles from the risks associated with the industry. The state of Kentucky also enforces a minimum liability limit for commercial auto policies. Special requirements apply to taxi, limo, livery, shuttle, and NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) businesses. Fortunately, our specialized taxi insurance agents are here to walk you through all the local regulations in Kentucky and ensure your business is compliant! 

Not only will comprehensive taxi insurance make your business more compliant, but it will also provide you with valuable peace of mind. Owning a taxi business means having to face the risks of the road on a daily basis, so having specialized insurance agents ready to help you at the drop of a hat is extremely important. Contact us today to explore affordable taxi insurance options in Kentucky!

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Common Questions about Kentucky Taxi Insurance

Are there different types of taxi insurance?

Yes, the three most common types of taxi insurance are third-party insurance, third-party fire and theft insurance and lastly, comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance is the most basic that covers the cost of compensating other people for injury or damage caused by your drivers, but not injury or damage to your drivers or vehicles. Third-party, fire and theft insurance is a mid-range approach that covers everything listed in third-party insurance plus damage to your taxi caused by fire or theft. The third type, which we highly recommend, is comprehensive insurance which covers all the above, plus protection for your drivers and vehicles.

What factors determine the price of taxi insurance?

The primary factors are: 1. The coverage you select; 2. The location of your business; 3. The specifics of your taxi cab(s), including the make, model, year and size of the vehicle, and the number of vehicles and drivers in your fleet; 4. Your business’ hours of operation and how many miles you drive each year; and 5. The driving record of your taxi driver(s).

Is auto insurance mandatory?

Yes, auto insurance is mandatory in every US state. However, insurance laws vary by state, so it’s best to visit your state government’s transportation website. Important note: taxi insurance is legally required as well if you drive a taxi for a living. Taxi insurance is extremely important in order to protect you, your car and your customers.

What is the difference between taxi insurance and regular car insurance?

The difference lies in what coverage is included in the policy. Auto insurance covers claims that result from an accident, but does not cover general claims relating to a company’s business practices. Taxi insurance covers the vehicle, the driver, and any passengers or bystanders should an accident occur. Taxi insurance can also cover vandalism, theft, fire, and damage from accidents that are the company driver’s fault.

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