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How Taxi Companies Can Compete with Uber

How Taxi Companies Can Compete with Uber
April 12, 2017 OTTIS Blog
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The taxi industry has always been a competitive one. But, with Uber showing out of nowhere and taking a huge slice of the market, taxi companies are struggling to keep their heads above water.

Although Uber is clearly alluring to many customers and prospers from the lack of the usual regulatory scrutiny the industry has, there are many things you can do to keep your business strong. If anything, you might actually benefit from this push to innovate.

Here’s what you can do to compete with Uber:

  1.      Safety Comes First

While regulation is still a hot topic and some might think it doesn’t do the industry any good, there is one aspect where it plays a crucial role: safety. Here is one clear benefit the taxi business has over Uber: having strict safety regulations.

The fact that taxis hold standards that are carefully regulated, such as fingerprinting, is something you should play on. Use these standards to highlight the fact that taking a taxi might be safer than requesting an Uber.

  1.      Create a Rating System for Drivers

One of the most appealing benefits Uber offers to its users is that it rates drivers. The system allows clients to evaluate drivers, making the entire experience feel safer and more considerate to their needs. Listening to what your clients have to say will greatly improve customer satisfaction.

  1.      Develop an App

Another thing that draws people to Uber is their user-friendly app. Requesting one of their cars is as simple as pushing a few buttons. Not to mention, you know how much you have to wait until the car gets to your location and you can even watch the driver on the map to ensure he or she is not making a wrong turn.

Taxi companies need to copy this model and develop an app that makes ordering a car easy.

  1.      Highlight Your Drivers’ Professionalism

One thing’s for sure, and that is that a taxi driver simply knows his/her way around the city. While GPS can come in handy, there is some sense of comfort in knowing your driver doesn’t need to look up your destination because he/she has no clue how to get there.

You can use your drivers’ experience to your advantage and let your customers know that your cabbies still have some aces up their sleeves.

  1.      Take Good Care of Your Drivers

Keep your drivers motivated and let them know what a great asset they are to the industry. After all, your business would be nothing without great taxi drivers. So, stay connected to their needs.

One thing you can start with is making shifts shorter. Let’s be honest: 12h shifts are grueling and inhuman. The last thing you want is a grumpy, tired driver, taking his/her frustration out on your clients.

  1.      Keep Your Fares Flexible and Attractive

Last but not least, fares need to keep up with the trend Uber is setting. People are obviously enjoying the flexibility the company is offering. The usual surcharges the taxi industry holds on to – such as rush hour or night rides ones, are some of the reasons why a client might choose Uber instead.

These are just some of the things you could do to keep your taxi business thriving. Pay attention to the trends in the market and try to keep up with them if you want to remain relevant in this industry.


  1. Andy R. Bunch 7 years ago

    That’s a great list. Good work.

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